Gurudas Dhawali

Hey ! I am a Video editor and Graphics Designer based in Maharashtra, India. In my most recent project, I had the opportunity to collaborate and contribute my editing skills to Framelux Media for their freelance video project of "1% Club" made by
"Finance with Sharan"
And also I Was Part Of "Aevy Tv Cohort C4"


Long Form Video

Dodge Brothers 👨🏽🤝👨🏼

"TRAGIC Story Of The Dodge Brothers" is a video produced by a prominent YouTube channel “big company”. I meticulously recreated this video, utilizing it as a canvas to exhibit my proficiency in video editing and motion graphics. In my perception, this approach succinctly encapsulates my abilities, allowing for a compelling demonstration within a brief timeframe.

Sam Walton 🛒

I've recrafted a powerful introduction that features Sam Walton alongside a striking representation of Walmart's vast operational reach. This design aims to encapsulate the profound legacy of Sam Walton and the significant impact of Walmart in a clear and compelling manner.

Short Form Video

Virat Kohli

Discover the impact of exceeding expectations in this video. See real success stories of individuals and businesses going the extra mile. Learn key strategies to surpass your goals and leave a lasting mark. Watch to unlock secrets for extraordinary results.

Working Out

Discover how regular exercise can change your life! This workout routine is designed to boost your energy, improve your mood, and enhance your overall well-being. Join us and experience the life-changing benefits of staying active. Let's get started on your fitness journey today!